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Stateside Man Goods

Stateside Man Goods was founded out of a desire to provide truly premium care packages to deployed troops. Mike, the founder of Stateside Man Goods, knows that every care package is appreciated but he wanted to offer a premium alternative to the candy and toy filled care packages that are so common.

They have items and packages for any man – from the deployed soldier, to the Paleo eater, or even a business executive. Do you want bison jerky? They have it. Paleo MREs? Yup, the have those too. High end knives? You know it. The whole store is filled with cool stuff.

On top of all of that, they have a rotating roster of troops that they send care packages to at no cost. You can even donate if you want to help.

Check out Stateside Man Goods.

PS – If you want to get a Christmas care package out to a deployed soldier that you know and love, Mike suggests that you place the order by December 13th.

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