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SLR Rifleworks Bargain Bin

If you are like me, you always have a gun project or two in various stages of completion while you wait for a deal on the last few necessary parts. Well, check out the Bargain Bin at SLR Rifleworks. The parts listed there may be blems or just sale items. They add new items weekly so there is a constantly rotating group of rails, gas blocks, muzzle devices and more at reduced prices.


Sneak Peek: SLR Rifleworks to Offer AK Hand Guards

SLR Rifleworks released a teaser image that shows their upcoming AK hand guards. The aluminum hand guards will be available in both standard and extended length models. Both of hand guards show plenty of the signature SLR Rifleworks style with obvious design cues coming from their line of AR-15 rails.

slr rifleworks AK rails

Andro Corp Industries Adds SLR Rifleworks Hand Guard Options

Andro Corp Industries (ACI) is known for offering good quality, complete AR-15 upper receiver groups at a very budget friendly price. Many of their upper regularly cost less than $400. Don’t let the prices fool you into think these aren’t quality uppers. They use barrels from Ballistic Advantage and come with various hand guard options in that price range including free float rails.

In addition to their more budget friendly line, ACI has been introducing uppers that have more premium features but are still reasonably priced. Many of these more premium uppers include rails from SLR Rifleworks who is now providing OEM support for ACI. That means you will see more SLR Rifleworks hand guards with ACI branding on uppers going forward.

The availability of reasonably priced uppers with Ballistic Advantage barrels and SLR Rifleworks hand guards is a win for AR-15 shooters. Check out the full line of uppers in various calibers at Andro Corp Industries.


SLR Rifleworks SR47 Series Muzzle Brake

I have said it before and I will say it again. This is really a golden age for AK shooters. There are more options than ever when it comes to making that reliable old warhorse m0re efficient. Muzzle brakes, in particular, have received a lot of development lately.

SR47 Muzzle

SLR Riflesworks is now offering their SR47 Series Muzzle Brake for the AK. This is a very compact brake with a single port design. It has just a 1.2″ overall length which is nice if you are trying to keep length to a minimum. This brake is symmetrical and it has two indexing points spaced 180 degrees apart which increases the chances of a snug fit. The SR47 Series Muzzle Brake is optimized for the 7.62×39 but should also work for you 5.45 shooters as well. It has a 14x1L thread pattern.

SLR Rifleworks SR47 Series Muzzle Brake


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