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Side Project LINK for CZ Scorpion and Magpul Zhukov Folding Stock

Side Project is a new company made up of not-so-new designers. You would likely recognize their work for other brands but they have decided to strike out on their own. They are definitely a company to keep your eye on. They have already released details of their first product. The LINK, an adapter that allows you to mount a Magpul Zhukov Folding Stock on a CZ Scorpion, will be available soon.

I mentioned the Rehv Arms Scorpion ZAP yesterday which also allows the use of a Zhukov Stock on the Scorpion and a reader drew my attention to the LINK (thank you HSR47). It may be similar in function to the ZAP but it differs in form. The LINK is more compact because it actually replaces the receiver interface part of the Zhukov Stock so that it can attach directly to the Scorpion. It is sold complete with the Zhukov Stock so it is ready to install on your Scorpion SBR.

Check out the LINK at Side Project.

Side Project LINK 1 Side Project LINK 3 Side Project LINK 2

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