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An Example of Customer Service from Scalarworks

Good customer service comes in many forms. It can be difficult for manufacturers to answer every question that comes their way but the good ones will figure out a way to find answers. This is especially true about questions of compatibility and fitment since no one can physically test every possible product combination.


Scalarworks came up with a slick approach that I think other manufacturers would be wise to learn from. They created a scaled drawing of their LDM mounts that they can distribute in PDF format so that the dimensions can be controlled. The drawings can be printed by the potential customer, cut out, and used to check cheekweld, co-witness, etc. on their particular firearm. So, if you call asking if their mounts will co-witness with your one-off Blaster 9000, they may not know off the top of their heads but they can give you the tools to check for yourself.

You can view the scaled drawings under the Documents tab on their LDM product page.

Scalarworks LDM Instructional Video

I didn’t have a hard time figuring out how to mount my Scalarworks LDM but this new instructional video is very well done and easy to follow if you need a hand. If you don’t have an LDM and are considering one, it gives you a really good look at how the thumb wheel and detent work. This clever set up is the secret to how easy it is to install/uninstall the LDM and how easy it is to achieve the same tension every time you install it which leads to solid repeat zero performance.

Scalarworks BOR/RMR

The Scalarworks BOR/RMR is a new, lightweight, low-profile optic rail for the Benelli M4 that also boasts an integrated mount for the Trijicon RMR. The integrated RMR mount allows the optic to be mounted far lower and more securely than would be possible by mounting to a rail. The BOR/RMR is so lightweight (1.15 oz) that it actually weighs less than the original rail that comes with the shotgun even though it offers additional functionality.

Check out the BOR/RMR at Scalarworks.

scalarworks borrmr


Scalarworks LDM for Aimpoint Micro

When it comes to optics mounts, you can usually have QD functionality or light weight but not both. The new Scalarworks LDM, or Low Drag Mount, for the Aimpoint Micro series of red dot sights appears to offer both.

scalarworks micro mount

Scalarworks claims that the LDM is the lightest Aimpoint Micro QD mount on the market and at just 1.33 ounces for the absolute co-witness version and 1.38 ounces for the lower 1/3 co-witness model, that is easy to believe. The LDM features a clever, notched thumb wheel that is retained by a ball detent. It looks like you could easily witness mark the correct notch to ensure that you always set the same tension when reinstalling the sight. The thumb wheel set up is also very low-profile and actually nested into the mount itself to reduce snagging.

There are a lot of good ideas in this mount. It will be interesting to see if Scalarworks can expand these design elements into other optic mounts. Check out the Scalarworks LDM.

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