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Hacked! – Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Evolution

How do you know when your work is really starting to get noticed? Well, when hackers try to take down your latest project that is a pretty good clue that you are onto something. That is what happened recently to Smith & Bradley watches on the very day they launched the Kickstarter campaign for their latest creation, the Sans-13 Evolution (read more about the watch here).

Smith & Bradley launched the new watch last Friday and on the same day, their email lists were compromised and every reference to the Sans-13 Evolution Kickstarter campaign was removed from their website. Though unrelated to the hacking, they also received word from Facebook and Instagram that their attempts to promote the campaign were not approved since the watch is sometimes pictured with firearms, even though the photo they were trying to promote shows just the watches by the pool (see below).


So, they just gave up… Not really. Instead they started working their social media outlets even harder. They told the story of how they were hacked and that drew even more attention to the new watch. Now, just one week in to their campaign (36 days remaining), they are just short of being fully funded. They may even be fully funded by the time you read this.

I guess you could say that the hacker’s plan… hack-fired. I know. I know. I can’t help myself. Check out the Sans-13 Evolution on Kickstarter.

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