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Krebs Custom UFM Keymod System for Saiga Rifles

Sometimes it seems like converting Saiga rifles from their “sporting” configuration to a more correct configuration has become something of a national pastime. Converting a Saiga is a fairly straight forward affair but the front end portion of the conversion can be a bit tricky which is why you see so many that don’t have converted front ends. Thankfully, Krebs Custom just dropped the UFM Keymod System for Saiga Rifles.


The UFM Keymod System for Saiga Rifles is a direct drop in rail that replaces the Saiga’s handguards without the need to convert them to a more correct AKM handguard. They are relatively lightweight, adding only 6.1 ounces of weight to your Saiga. The top rail is suitable for optic mounting and Kreb’s says it will return to zero after field stripping.

So, you get to avoid doing the front end conversion and you get a killer rail. That sounds like a win-win for Saiga owners. Check out the UFM Keymod System for Saiga Rifles.



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