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Rockwell Tactical Group RTG Pattern Targets Available from Law Enforcement Targets


From Rockwell Tactical Group:

March 17th, 2016 – Rockwell Tactical (www.rockwelltactical.com) is pleased to announce that it has exclusively partnered with Law Enforcement Targets (www.letargets.com) to offer their widely popular RTG 1 and RTG 2 pattern targets for sale.
Designed and tested by US Army Special Forces weapons sergeants, these targets allow the shooter to engage threat sized silhouettes, as well as offering the shooter the ability to shoot shapes, colors, and numbers for target recognition and multiple target drills.
These targets are widely used in civilian training, and are also in use by US Army Special Forces to promote proper target recognition and transition.
Jared Ross, the owner and president of Rockwell Tactical, described the targets and their creation recently –
“We designed these targets to enhance our training regimen while on deployment, and wanted to make sure we engage both man sized silhouettes as well as use them for multiple target and target recognition drills.  Their layout is a big step beyond the traditional dot or silhouette target, and really offer a good value for the money with the ability to shoot multiple drills on the same target.”
The targets are now available in both patterns from the Law Enforcement Targets website (www.letargets.com), as well as Rockwell Tactical directly (www.rockwelltactical.com).

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