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Bullpup Shoot 2012: Red Jacket Firearms ZK-22

We were able to check out the Red Jacket Firearms ZK-22 and came away very impressed. The ZK-22 is a bullpup conversion stock that will work with Ruger 10-22 rifles with 18″ or longer barrels. The entire package is very light and fast handling.

The stock is somewhat reminiscent of the FN P90 but the dimension felt better to me. The front “grip” ring is designed to work with either a hooked thumb or with a strong thumb forward grip. Optics mounting is easy with the long top rail. The charging handle is well placed and easy to operate with either hand. There will also be various QD sling mounting options and forward rail configurations.

The ZK-22 put smiles on everyone’s face who tried it.

The ZK-22 can utilize brass deflector that directs the brass straight down for lefties.

Eric, friend of JTT, tests out the ZK-22.

I am pretty sure Sven from Manticore Arms is smiling as he shoots.

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