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Find RAND CLP at Cabela’s

The folks at RAND Innovations are understandably excited that their RAND CLP will be stocked at Cabela’s.

From RAND Brands:

RAND CLP will be featured in Cabela’s starting in the first quarter of 2014.  RAND CLP burst onto the scene about a year ago at the 2013 SHOT Show and has been a hit with enthusiasts, gunsmiths, hunters, military personnel, law enforcement officers and others.

RAND CLPRAND CLP is an USDA Certified Biobased Nanotechnology firearm CLP (cleaner, lubricant and protectant) that is designed to work into the metal at the nano level (1/1000 the width of a human hair) and create a new and more lubricous surface.  RAND CLP also has fantastic cleaning properties and utilizes some of the best “green” corrosion inhibitors in the lubricant world.

“Cabela’s is the premier hunting and fishing outlet in North America and to be on the shelves is a testament to hard work and efforts put in here at RAND Brands.  We are excited to see the possibilities with Cabela’s and look forward to working with them in the coming months and years,” said Jon Miodonka, CEO of RAND Brands.

Cabela’s, “The World’s Most Foremost Outfitter”, has over 50 stores and is planning more in 2014.

RAND CLP is endorsed by Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics, Mike Lamb of Stoic Ventures, Vince Buckles of Mesa Kinetic Research and Julie Golob, Team Captain Smith & Wesson Shooting Team.

RAND Brands is a premier manufacturer of lubricants for firearms, around the house, cars, trucks, bicycles and more.  RAND Brands has a full scale mixing and manufacturing facility based in Bridgeport, CT and is working with top scientists and tribologists around the world to continue to bring Nanotechnology lubricants to consumers.

For information or ordering RAND CLP, please visit www.randbrands.com/products/rand-clp.

For information on Cabela’s or store locations, please visit www.cabelas.com.

RAND CLP Rip and Drip Packages

These new RAND CLP Rip and Drip packages are handy. I have had a bag of these in hand for some time now and I really like how they work.

We first showed this new packaging on our Instagram feed.

We first showed this new packaging on our Instagram feed.

The Rip and Drip packaging is a small, disposable packet of RAND CLP. You rip off the top and you are left with a precision applicator. You can actually control where the lube goes which is very, very convenient.

Each packet contains enough RAND CLP to lube 2 or 3 carbines. I can perform a quick cleaning with just 1 packet but 2 is better. They are very easy to toss into your gear before you hit the range. So far, they have been very tolerant of being stowed in my range gear without leaking.

These will start showing up at retailers and the RAND Brands website soon.

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