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RailScales are KeyMod compatible handguard covers that are made from G-10 – a material that all you knife enthusiasts are already familiar with due to its use as knife handle slabs. G-10 is a fiberglass reinforced epoxy laminate material that is a great insulator, basically impervious to solvents, can be machined to be very grippy, and is very impact resistant.

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As someone who appreciates the durability, grip, and protection that well shaped G-10 or Micarta knife handle slabs can offer, I have long wondered why no one had adapted these materials to be used on AR-15 handguards. There was at least one maker who made G-10 and Micarta bolt-on rail covers in very limited numbers but never with the intent of making them a production item.

On one hand, I find it strange that no one has done this yet but on the other hand, I am glad Bill Coye is behind the effort to bring RailScales to market. If anyone knows how to make a functional and comfortable G-10 grip, it’s him. Asset Weapon MFG is also lending their expertise to the project.

According to RailScales:

The first offering is a four grooved black panel design reminiscent of a Coye Knives custom handle. Numerous lengths, textures, colors, and other G10 accessories are already underway as well.

Launch date is on or before June 11th, 2014. Pricing and per-pack quantity information will be available at that time.

A product like this has been a long time coming! Check out GetRailScales.com.

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