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OV Innovations Gen II Load Lifter Panel Patent Issued

I have said before that the OV Innovations Gen II Load Lifter Panel (LLP) made me fall back in love with my Mystery Ranch NICE Frame. The NICE Frame has a lot going for it but if you are tall or have long torso, you will find that it just isn’t long enough to allow the load lifters to transfer weight to your hips. That is where the Gen II LLP comes in. It acts as a frame extension to add height to the lifters. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and it works.

Congrats to OV Innovations on their recently issued patent for the LLP.

llp patent ov innovations

OV Innovations Under Pack Belt

I have learned the hard way that any belt worn under a pack’s hip belt should be as thin as possible and as uniform in thickness as possible. If it is thick or there are bulges like a buckle or even a smaller hardware like a slider, you run the risk of developing a nasty hot spot that will make you miserable in short order. This is why OV Innovations created their Under Pack (UP) Belt.


This belt is designed to be low profile and work without hardware. It is purpose built to hold your pants up without slowing you down with hot spots when worn under a pack. You might find that it works well under a “battle” belt as well.

Check out the new UP Belt at OV Innovations.

OV Innovations FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap

Oneiros Valley has changed their name to OV Innovations… probably as a result of people like me constantly misspelling “Oneiros”. Rest assured, the name is the only thing that has changed. They still carry all the great products that you and I have come to love, like the LLP.

They just released the FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap – their first product under the new name. If you own a FILBE, this will save you some headaches.

From OV Innovations:

The USMC Pack (FILBE) Hip Belt webbing strap has a tendency to loosen during use. The new Nonslip Hip Belt Strap from OV Innovations virtually eliminates any chance of slippage, even when the belt is wet. Redundant stitching and the latest ITW Nexus hardware ensure lasting durability. Made in the US of US materials.

Check out the FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap at OV Innovations.

ov innovations filbe belt parts ov innovations filbe belt

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