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Morgan Timing Systems Dry-Fire Pro Timer

If you have ever tried to use a shot timer in your dry fire routine, you know it can be a little problematic. The timer’s sensor may not pick up the relatively quiet sounds of dry fire (as compared to live fire) or very sensitive timers can actually pick up the sounds of you manually cycling the slide which skews your data. The Morgan Timing Systems may have an a solution for all of those issues.

They are creating what they call a Dry-Fire Pro Timer that consists of two elements: an app for your smart phone and a replacement barrel for your handgun. The app will be used to display and record your data while the barrel actually syncs and reports data to the app. The barrel is actually recording what is happening in your dry fire cycle and, because it is installed in your firearm, it can differentiate between a firing pin/striker movement and slide movement. The barrel also serves as a safety device since it can not accept live ammunition.

The Morgan Timing Systems Dry-Fire Pro Timer is expected to retail for around $129 (for the barrel, the app is free). The initial release will likely be for Glocks only with other models following based on demand.

Check out MorganTiming.com.

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