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Mission Knives CSP-A2

I bought a Mission Knives MPK-A2 way back when Brigade Quartermaster (the 1st iteration) went out of business. I loved that knife thanks to its tough but easy to sharpen A2 steel blade, great cutting ability for a thick knife, and its ability to soak up all kinds of abuse. I sold it a while back and have regretted it ever since. I always have one eye open for a deal on a replacement which is why I recently came across the Mission Knives CSP.

Mission Knives CSP-A2

The CSP, or Chance Sanders Professional, is a collaboration between Mission Knives and survival instructor Chance Sanders. The new knife is geared toward the survival market and designed to withstand hard use. To that end, it is ground from .25″ thick A2 steel which Mission Knives has a knack for making just about bomb-proof. The blade features a straight spine to ensure a strong tip and enough belly to be used for tasks like skinning game. The CSP has contoured G-10 handle slabs, aggressive jimping on the spine, and a black oxide finish. It comes with a kydex sheath.

There are currently a limited number of the prototypes available direct from Mission Knives.

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