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Matador Arms Releases the Montgo-9

(August 25, 2021 – USA)…Matador Arms is releasing the Montgo-9: a monolithic blowback-operated billet 9mm upper receiver that does not require a buffer. Manufactured in the USA, the Montgo-9 is compatible with any AR-15 and/or AR-9 lower, providing shooters with endless build possibilities, while being compact and versatile.

The current version of the Montgo-9 is the “K” version, featuring a 5.5” barrel threaded to 1/2×28”. The back cap shows that no buffer is required, allowing for many compact options. The non-reciprocating charging handle
is reversible. The Montgo-9 has a full length integral picatinny rail on top, and a 3.5” bottom accessory rail.

The Montgo-9 upper receiver is made of aluminum, and the bolt and trunnion are 4140 steel for durability. Weight is 3.5lbs with an OAL of 12.125” and a 1.47” width.

The Montgo-9 adds to Matador’s 9mm product offering. Matador just recently announced their AR-9 80% billet lower receivers, the first run of which are shipping mid-September. Matador already manufactures the Mag-X, a mag block adapter enabling the use of P320, Glock, M&P, and CZ-75 pistol mags in their AR-15 lowers. Matador’s Sidewinder is a folding buffer tube adapter that will fold up anything with AR buffer tubes threads WITHOUT a moving buffer inside. And, the adjustable Regulator muzzle brake comes in 9mm which could top off the Montgo-9 perfectly.

The Montgo-9 will be on display at this year’s NRA show in Houston, at booth #4809.

Shipping of the Montgo-9 is projected for Q4 of this year. The MSRP of the Montgo-9 is $549.99.

For more information on the Montgo-9, visit www.matadorarms.com or email info@matadorarms.com.

Matador Arms adds G17/G19 to its lineup of the MagX

(January 14, 2020)…Matador Arms has added a Glock version to its popular MagX lineup, giving further modularity to the 9mm AR platform.  Already available for P320, CZ-75, and M&P magazines, shooters interested in a 9mm PCC AR build will welcome the addition of the G17/G19 sized mag block adapter. 

The Mag-X allows the use of pistol magazines in any AR-15 milspec lower receiver. No modifications are required to the lower or the magazine, and the Mag-X installs in seconds. The Mag-X has a built-in magazine release and locks into place with the standard AR-15 catch. It is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum and has an anodized finish. The ejector and magazine catch are both steel.

All sizes are available for purchase immediately, with the newest G17/G19 size shipping in February. 

The Mag-X is available for sale in both the United States and Canada.  MSRP is $149.99 USD, with a special introductory price of $119.99.

For more information on the Mag-X, visit www.matadorarms.com or email info@matadorarms.com. Matador Arms is known for bringing quality firearms accessories to the North American market through its focus on Quality, Price and Function.

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