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Crowdfund This: BeerRambit Multi-Tool Kickstarter

The original BeerRambits were the creation of Lake County Knife & Tool (LCKT). They were handmade from brass or titanium and they were very, very cool. The design was part bottle opener, part knuck, part kubotan, and part karambit. They were cool to look at but also a formidable impact tool. Now LCKT has a new BeerRambit design that isn’t quite as quaint but it takes the functionality of the tool to a new level.

beer rambit multi tool

They are attempting to crowdfund the production of the BeerRambit Multi-Tool and they are already basically fully funded with 19 days to go. This most recent version of the BeerRambit is machined from A2 tool steel and boasts a ton of new tricks. It features a slot cut into the ring that allows it to ride on your pocket, a pronounced prying edge that can also be used to break tape on packages thought it is not cutting sharp, a screwdriver bit retention slot, and a clever bit holder to turn the BeerRambit into a screwdriver with plenty of torque.

The campaign has just 1 perk – a BeerRambit Multi-Tool of your very own. Check it out at Kickstarter.

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