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You may remember the Daewoo DP-51 and it’s unique “Triple Action” operation (now called Double Action +) but you don’t remember it like this… Lionheart Industries is importing the DP-51 again with a host of upgrades and they are calling it the LH9.

Lionheart Industries LH9

I have to hand it to Lionheart Industries. While I am as skeptical as I would be with any “new” handgun, they have certainly done this reintroduction the right way. They have partnered with companies that you already know and trust like Cerakote Firearm Coatings, Frog Lube, and G-Code Holsters and they include a bunch of gear that is actually useful with each handgun. Every LH9 comes with Frog Lube, a very nice cleaning kit, and a really useful field case. There are already holster options available because of the G-Code partnership. Other companies should take note. This is how to introduce a new handgun.

Check out the LH9 and its variants at LionheartIndustries.com.

Lionheart Industries Field Case Lionheart Industries Mag Compatibility

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