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L.A.S.R. – Laser Activated Shot Reporter

Laser training aids like those from Next Level Training can be an effective training and demonstration tool because of the enhanced feedback that they provide over regular dry fire practice. However, that feedback is fleeting. The laser indicator flashes only briefly and it provides no way to retain the feedback for analysis at a later time. That is where Laser Activated Shot Recorder or LASR comes in.


LASR is software that works on a Windows PC in conjunction with a webcam to capture your laser “hits” and display them on a virtual version of your target. The information about your speed and accuracy can be retained and used to track progress over time. LASR has various shot timing functions and can be used to track hits on multiple targets and multiple shooters. It basically gives you the tools you need to turn dry fire practice into something that is repeatable and reproducible.

This is definitely an interesting training tool that seems to have a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see what people are able to do with it.

Check out LASR.


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