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Kies GenII Billet AR-15 Lower

I have never completely understood the draw of billet AR-15 lowers. I get that they have a certain cool factor which is worth something and I do appreciate that they typically have flared magazine wells. However, their higher price seems hard to justify given that there are less expensive forged lowers with similar features. Along came the Kies GenII Billet KR-15 Lower to change all that.


The KR-15 lowers from Kies Firearms has everything you expect from a billet lower including an aggressively flared magazine well and integrated, over-sized trigger guard. It is machined from a solid block of 7075 aluminum (many billet lowers are made from less costly 6065) and it even has checkering on the front of the magazine well just in case you ignore the laws of physics and still hold a carbine there. All of that is pretty impressive when you consider it costs less than $100!

$250 billet lowers aren’t all that interesting to me. $100 billet lowers certainly are.

You can check out the KR-15 lowers at Kies Firearms and Joe Bob Outfitters.


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