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Relentless Pursuit – Free on Kindle this Week

Author Nate Hawk is a good friend, long time shooting buddy of mine, one of the sharpest tools in the shed, and a reader of this blog. He also happens to love America and it shows in his work. He has written four novels, three of which center around a character he created named Kelly Maclean. Kelly is a former marine turned cop with a penchant for finding himself in the middle of sticky situations, extricating himself from said situations, and exacting sweet, action-packed vengeance on the creators of those situations.

relentless pursuit nate hawk

I am currently reading thr first novel in the Kelly Maclean series, Relentless Pursuit, and enjoying it quite a bit. The author manages to weave Kelly’s narrative into the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing which sends our hero on quite an adventure as he rebuilds his life and seeks closure in the form of revenge. Kelly is the type of hero that is easy to root for and easy to like. He does the kind of things you wish you could.

Nate just released the third novel for pre-order (Impossible Odds) and he is giving away copies of the first novel this week to celebrate. Relentless Pursuit is an easy read with tons of action so picking it up in Kindle format for free is a no brainer. Check out Relentless Pursuit (Kelly Maclean book 1) at Amazon.

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