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HTA High Point Bullpup Conversion Update

High Tower Armory’s upcoming High Point Bullpup Conversion has been generating a ton of interest both here on JTT and across the firearm community. We now have some new information to add.


High Tower Armory (HTA) released a new image of the design that shows how the knuckle guard is removable. The trigger guard remains intact but the knuckle guard that covers the rest of the grip may be removed by the end user.

HTA has also stated that they are trying to bring this to market for $200-300. The interest in this conversion has been intense when can help drive the price down.

The stock is initially slated to be released in Black, OD Green, and FDE. It will also be very lefty friendly with ambidextrous controls.

If you want to be sure to get your hands on one, you can join the mailing list at HighTowerArmory.com (lower left corner). HTA doesn’t take money on pre-orders but they will email those who have joined this list to ensure they get their hands on the stock when it becomes available.

High Tower Armory Bullpup Conversion for the…

High Tower Armory just took the wraps off a new bullpup conversion that they will be producing for the… Hi Point Carbine. Yes, the Hi Point Carbine. Before you wander off mumbling under your breath, this might actually make some sense.


Hi Point’s pistol caliber carbines are 1) numerous, 2) affordable, 3) generally reliable, 4) generally accurate, 5) have 20 round magazines available, and 6) exceedingly ugly. This conversion would reduce the overall length without the need for a tax stamp, improve the optic and light mounting options, and go a long way toward improving the looks (which is important to some people whether you like it or not).

High Tower Armory hasn’t released pricing yet but they have stated that this conversion and the carbine itself could be put together for around $500. It may not be your cup of tea but there is likely a market for this conversion. It could be a solid improvement to a carbine that performs beyond its price point.


High Tower Armory RM-25

High Tower Armory’s RM-25, 25 round capacity 10/22 magazine, is now available. The RM-25 is made from glass reinforced polymer with steel feed lips. This magazine boasts several clever features including tool-less disassembly and windows to show capacity.

HTA1022RM25-3 HTA1022RM25-2

The windows can be removed and an extended follower pin installed to allow the user to depress the follower with their finger while loading the magazine. The follower pin and windows can all be stored inside the magazine when not in use. The video below shows this functionality in detail.

The RM-25 magazine is available in 4 colors – Black, Desert Tan, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green. Check out the RM-25 at High Tower Armory.

High Tower Armory 10/22 Magazine Coupler


High Tower Armory’s Magazine Coupler is pretty darn slick. It allows you to attach two of Ruger’s ubiquitous BX-1 magazines together without the user of glue like man other couplers. HTA’s coupler uses a clamp that is secured with a small Allen screw. If you ever need to uncouple the magazines in the field, the Allen Key actually rides on-board, tucked away for convenience.

Check out the HTA 10/22 Magazine Coupler.

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