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Hexmag Awarded Patent for True Riser System (for Limited Capacity AR-15 Magazines)

People who don’t have to live with limited capacity magazines often don’t understand why people in ban states prefer blocked 30 round magazines to smaller 5, 10, and 15 round magazines. It is not just for the “look”. Full size magazines are easier to find support gear for and, most importantly, are easier to manipulate during reloads and malfunction clearance.


Those of you who do live in ban states will be happy to know that Hexmag has been awarded a patent for their True Riser System which is a method of blocking magazines that maintains the functional integrity of the magazine. These magazines have a standard exterior but inside they have riser that effectively raises the interior bottom of the magazine (see the image above).

Unlike many blocked magazines, Hexmags with the True Riser System can be disassembled in the normal fashion by depressing the “button” in the base plate. They can also make use of Hexmag’s Hex ID Color system. Most importantly for function, the True Riser System allows these magazines to make use of an appropriate length, shortened magazine spring.

For those in ban states, it is important to note that these magazine, as shipped, cannot be converted to function with 30 rounds.

Check out Hexmag’s 10 and 15 Round Magazines.

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