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New Tools from GUNN-FIGHTER.com

GUNN-FIGHTER.com has introduced 2 new tools (with more in the works) that are in the same vein as their DE-CAP-ATURTLE. Both new tools have many of the same features as the DE-CAP-ATURTLE including1/4″ thick 6061 aluminum construction and a Besh wedge style prying edge that makes them all mean and nasty.


The Super Flying Squirrel (SFS) has 2 bottle openers and additional finger/palm support versus the DE-CAP-ATURTLE. It is a bigger handful of aluminum though possibly less discreet in appearance.


The Baby Squirrel is basically a compacted version of the SFS that looks to strike a good balance between it purpose built nature and a more discreet appearance and size.

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