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Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver – Grant Cunningham

You can count me in the camp that still believes that small frame, snubnose revolvers still offer unique and useful capabilities in a modern, semi-auto world. However, I can fully admit that they are a bit of a riddle – having merit for novices but also being best utilized in the hands of a practiced shooter. That riddle brings us to the same place that we should arrive regardless of the gun we choose which is a recognition of the need for training and information.

I’ve been following Grant Cunningham for a number of years. He has some of the most pragmatic commentary I’ve found regarding wheel guns (and self defense in general). His new book, “Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver,” covers an array of topics regarding the venerable snubbie ranging from its manual of arms to modifications for improved function and carry methods. The book delves into topics larger than just the titular subject by covering safety, mindset, and other broader self-defense related ideas. It also includes a number of drills to practice the skills covered in the book.

Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver is available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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