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Gear Spool Mighty Mini Bar

Most knives aren’t made for prying or scraping so many have taken to carrying a small pry bar to take care of those types of jobs. Typically, the pry bar does not need to be that large to handle things like pulling staples or breaking packing tape on a box, which begs the question… Just how small can you make an EDC pry bar and while retaining its usefulness?

Gear Spool might have the answer to that. Their Mighty Mini Bar is small… very, very small. This slim titanium pry bar is just 2.25 x 0.15 x 0.15 inches and weighs next to nothing. While many pry tools targeted at the EDC market have leather or kydex belt sheaths, the Mighty Mini Bar basically disappears on a keychain. It might be all you need to keep from snapping the tip off your prized folding knife.

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