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FRAGO Admin Pouch from Zulu Nylon Gear

One of the most useful items you can have on the range (especially if you are in training class) is a Rite in the Rain notebook. You will also need a place to stow your notebook, pen, oil bottle, and other various range items. That is where the FRAGO Admin Pouch comes in handy.

The reason this pouch caught my eye is the clever way that it carries a Rite in the Rain notebook and pen. There are sleeves along the back of the pouch that are size to hold these useful pieces of gear in such a way that they are immediately available to the user. The front of the pouch also gives you plenty of room to display your favorite patches and nametapes, or stack another MOLLE compatible pouch. There is plenty of internal organization and enough space for your range essentials.

This is a seriously clever design that crams a lot of potential into its 6″x6″x1″ size.

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