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Forgotten Weapons INDIEGOGO Campaign

forgottenweaponsForgotten Weapons is one of the most fascinating channels on YouTube and it is a personal favorite of mine. The channel and website highlight exotic, obscure, significant, or even just strange firearms and teaches the viewer about them in a no-nonsense way that keeps their videos light and informative. I can’t say enough good things about their content. It is consistently excellent.

As you can imagine, showing the finer details of a firearm, especially firearms with unique or complex mechanisms, is best done with good quality video equipment. As you can also imagine, good quality video equipment doesn’t come cheap. Forgotten Weapons is attempting to raise the funds necessary to purchase the equipment via an INDIEGOGO crowd funding campaign.

The campaign has really grown some legs but there is still some additional funds to be covered. Check out the campaign page to see if you can help.

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