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Sneak Peek: FoldAR

What do you get when you combine Dead Foot Arms’ folding stock with a new folding AR-15 barrel mechanism? Well, you get the FoldAR – an AR-15 that can be folded at both the barrel and buttstock ends.

The Dead Foot Arms folding stock adapters have been on the market for some time now so the hinged barrel design is what is really new here. FoldAR states that their product can go from folded in small container, to “fire-ready in less than 5 seconds”. They also claim that the hinged mechanism is relatively light weight, adding only about 4 ounces to the overall weight of the rifle, but robust enough to allow the FoldAR to retain zero through hundreds of foldings in a variety of conditions.

The website states that “The only proprietary operational parts are the upper, forearm, barrel extension and gas tube” which is to be expected. These parts may eventually be available to individuals to build their own folding rifles.

This design has the potential to be very compact when folded – how compact will depend on the selected configuration. Several will be available. We’ve confirmed that FoldAR plans to offer both SBR and pistol variants along with full size rifle options including an AR-10/AR762 sized platform.


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