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Flimmuur Tactical Ultimate Dump Pouch

Flimmur Tactical, out of the UK, is preparing to offer the first production run of their Ultimate Dump Pouch. This dump pouch combines a number of useful features into a lightweight package.

This pouch is designed to packed very small and expand to a larger size. The buckle that is used to secure it into its compact, folded form is an ITW repair buckle so that the user can easily replace it or remove it all together. When the pouch is expanded, two bellows sewn into the face of the pouch ensure there is plenty of room for those last few magazines.

flimmuur tactical ultimate dump pouch 1 flimmuur tactical ultimate dump pouch 5

The pouch’s face and back are constructed from Multicam Litelok material. The sides and bottom are mesh. This keeps weight to a minimum and allows the pouch to shed dirt and moisture.

The Ultimate Dump Pouch has a HDPE stiffened back plate that gives structure to the pouch. It can be threaded onto a belt or mounted directly to PALS webbing.

It also features an adjustable opening.

Check out the Flimmur Tactical Facebook Page to order.

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