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FirstSpear Missing Link

Gear makers often make two different versions of the same pouch – one that is MOLLE compatible and one that can be mounted directly to a duty/gun belt. The Missing Link from FirstSpear does away with the need for two different types of pouches.

The beauty of the Missing Link is its simplicity. It is just a small section of webbing with hook Velcro on one side and loops at each end that allow it to be slipped onto the integral MOLLE straps on the back of a pouch. This creates belt loops that lock the pouch in place on a Velcro lined belt like a duty belt or gun belt.

The Missing Link is patent pending and comes in packs of 6. You can read more on the FirstSpear website.

FirstSpear Surefire Magazine Pockets

I recently profiled a new ATS Tactical shingle for the 60 round Surefire High Capacity AR15 magazines. If open top pouches aren’t your preference or they won’t work for your application, then FirstSpear has you covered… with flaps. They have new Surefire Magazine Pockets for both the 60 and 100 round Surefire High Capacity AR15 magazines.

FirstSpear was selected by Surefire to make these pouches and they will be available in coyote brown directly from Surefire. However, if you want other color options like ranger green, Multicam, or black, they are available from FirstSpear.

The pouches feature MOLLE webbing on the exterior so you can attach other pouches to them. You probably won’t want to build out too far by stacking pouches on top of these but the webbing does wrap around the sides so it may be a good place to mount a tourniquet or something else that is compact. They also feature a flap closure that covers the magazine well to protect it from the elements and retain the magazine.

The version that fits the 100 round magazine is the only pouch that I am aware of right now made specifically for this magazine. If you own a Surefire 100 round magazine, it would be prudent to have a way to carry it when it isn’t locked into your AR.

You can check out the 60 round version and 100 round version on the FirstSpear website.

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