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Radom Coming to the US

Stop the presses! Polish firearm manufacturer FB Radom has formed a new company, FB Radom USA, in Texas. They recently posted this announcement on their site (translation via Google Translate):

22 January 2014 by decision of the Secretary of State of Texas, a company under the name FB Radom USA LLC. This is a historic moment for the FB. It is a company with its own legal personality, and 100% owned Weapons Factory. Rise FB Radom in the U.S. is another bold and necessary step to promote and sell our products in the U.S. market. Weapons Factory received permission to establish FB Radom USA Meeting of Shareholders of the Company. The main objective is to increase the revenue from the sale of products for the civil market. USA is the largest civilian arms market in the world. Annually imported into the United States is 3.5 million pieces of weapons. In the future, we also plan to provide products for the U.S. Army.


Additionally, a representitive of FB Radom USA stated the following on The AK Forum:

We are still many month away from offering product. Initial products will be FB Radom produced and brought up to “military style/config” and 922r compliance at FB Radom USA in Texas. Federal approval is pending, and with their “new extended processing times” which are several times longer than previous times, licenses, Form 6’s etc are many months out. We have several “Import Samples” already approved, and several new and exciting samples yet to go. Those who were at this years Shot Show got to see Beryl 96 rifles with 3 different butt stock configurations, and our 2nd generation mag well adapter that works with AR/M16 mags and original Beryl mags. Third mod adapters are in testing and are looking very good, with ambidextrous mag release and a lockout which prevents the adapter from being released with the Beryl std mag catch/release lever. A captive push pin secures the adapter in place. A 5.45×39 Beryl version was also shown. Not in attendance was prototype 7.62×39 Beryls which are in testing. Another prototype in testing, has last round bolt hold open. This is NOT a mag follower that catches the bolt head! This is a hold open device which is activated by the standard Beryl mag follower or the AR mag follower…how do you like them apples boys! There is more, but I can not discuss at this time. Please be patient, because this will be done right, and that means you will be getting true mill spec rifles, with ALL the correct features and markings as on the “real deal” military models. All import and FB Radom USA marks will be on the bottom of the receiver Where They Belong! You will absolutely NOT have to go looking for parts to modify your rifle, it will be right when you open the box! Guys, we will be insanely busy for several months getting this organized and flying, so my time for Q & A will be very limited. I will however, try to respond when ever possible.

PLEASE NOTE; No Beryl rifles imported to FB Radom USA will carry the “Archer” name.

It looks like we can look forward to some very exciting things from FB Radom USA. It is going to be hard to resist a Beryl if they become available.


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