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Executive Ordnance AR Pistol Grip

While most AR-15 pistol grips are molded from polymer, Executive Ordnance went a different direction. Theirs is machined from 7075 aluminum billet, hard anodized, and fitted with interchangeable G-10 panels. This is certainly not something everyone needs but they are really unique and they look great.


G-10 is a great material for this type of application. It is extremely durable, relatively lightweight, impervious to most solvents, available in a ton of colors, and easily machined for texture. Each grip has three G-10 panels – two sides and a front strap. The panels bolt to the aluminum chassis and are interchangeable so that the texture and colors can be changed to suit the user.

Check out Executive Ordnance. The grips are available for purchase at V7 Weapons Systems.

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