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Custom UW Gear Chest Rig

Many of you may already be familiar with EveryCitizenASoldier.org. It is a great site that advocates preparedness for all citizens. A user that goes by Currahee or Excurrahee, who is the owner of the site, recently commissioned a great looking custom chest rig from UW Gear.

UW Gear Custom Rig EveryCitizenASoldier

The rig is configured to hold 3 AR-15 magazines. The magazine pouches feature the proven tab closure that all UW Gear Chest Rigs have but the flaps are slightly redesigned with a more rounded shape. This rig also has 2 large general purpose pouches in place of the PALS webbing that is usually found on these rigs. The general purpose pouches also feature the tab closure system which is the first time I have seen this closure system on anything other than a magazine pouch in wild.

I don’t think UW Gear is able to take much custom work these days but you can check out their production offerings at UWGearInc.com.

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