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Esstac Experiments with Horizontal KYWIs

Reloading from Esstac’s KYWI magazine pouches is very fast. Reloading from a horizontal magazine pouch can be fast. So… reloading from a horizontal KYWI will likely break (or at least tamper with) the laws of physics.

Esstac recently shared an image of a micro chest rig they are testing that features 2 horizontal 5.56 KYWIs paired with 2 vertical pistol KYWIs. The rig may see production if there is enough interest.


VerTac and Esstac Collaboration Gear

Training company Vertac and nylon gear producer Esstac have collaborated on a number of new gear items that are only available from VerTac.

The VerTac Swift Action Panel and Swift Action Panel V2 are placcards designed to dock on a plate carrier with SwiftClip attachment system. Both versions offer an IFAK pouch, 2 M4 magazine pouches complete with KYWI inserts, and a way to carry a tourniquet. The V2 adds a multipurpose/pistol pouch.

The VerTac Wingman Chest Rig has all the features of the Swift Action Panel V2 and then some, but in a stand-alone chest rig design. It has additional sections of PALS webbing for adding your own pouches and integral wing pouches for radios or additional magazines.

The line also includes the VerTac Cummerbund and VerTac IFAK. You can check out the entire line of VerTac gear and a selection of other Esstac items at VerrettsTactical.com.

Esstac 2+2 Side BY Side KYWI Pouch

Esstac’s new 2+2 Side BY Side KYWI Pouch is the result of a customer request. The single pouch combines 2x rifle KYWIs and 2x pistol KYWIs into a single MOLLE mountable panel. The rifle mags are currently only available for 5.56 magazines while the pistol mags are available for the user’s choice of single or double stack.


Esstac Introduces Esstac Primed – Get Your KYWIs Fast!

Patience is a virtue but Esstac Primed requires very little patience (and no virtue), because everything in the Esstac Primed section of their website ships the next day. You no longer have to wait for several of Esstac’s most popular pouches to be produced. This includes a selection of the popular KYWI series of magazine pouches for pistols and rifles along with other items like armor, swag, and more.

Check out Esstac Primed.

Esstac Shooter’s Belt

Esstac’s new Shooter’s Belt is now available at a very attractive introductory price. The Shooter’s Belt utilizes an inner and outer belt set up. The inner belt, with its thick webbing construction, is more substantial than most. The outer belt is features multiple layers of material to stiffen it and a Cobra buckle closure.

If you purchase one of these belts before Monday at midnight, you’ll get the Shooter’s Belt, a Double Pistol KYWI Pouch, and KYWI belt loops for $80. That is a steal of a deal and one heck of a good start on a “battle belt”.

Shooter’s Belt at Esstac


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