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Emissary Development Updates the Handbrake M-LOK

Emissary Development has been working to update their Handbrake M-LOK:


A lot of you have been asking what has taken so long for the standard model to come back in stock.

We are constantly working behind the scenes to enhance our products so we have added some new inline enhancements to our already awesome Handbrake!

We are enhancing the texture to be more “grippy” with deeper groves and a bit more space between the texture extrusions to allow your hand to sit deeper into the surface for more retention. We believe we have now found that precise balance point between control and comfort in one well rounded package.

A small aesthetic detail we added is a more defined Emissary logo for a cleaner look.

We have also optimized the production process and we now plan to be putting our Handbrakes at a significantly faster rate.

For everyone who now owns the previous Handbrake style please take pride in owning the original first gen of the greatest Handstop out there! We appreciate the support from everyone more than you all know and we believe the first gen models will become highly sought after moon rocks in the future!

Hella Handbrakes inbound!

Learn more at EmissaryDevelopment.com

Emissary Development Sneak Peeks – Micro Cable Clips and Spaceframe Docking Slot

You may already know Emissary Development for their Cable Clips and Handbrake. Recently, they have been teasing two new products that are worth noting, both of which can be seen in the image below.

Micro Cable Clips have the same function as Emissary Development’s original cable clips but they are smaller, lighter, and can be rotated 360 degrees to achieve the perfect cable routing for the end user. Assuming the final product is similar to these prototypes, they appear to be one of the more compact, lightweight, and flexible M-LOK compatible cable management solutions to date.

The Spaceframe Docking Slock is a compact, lightweight, M-LOK compatible mounting location for the Multitasker Tools Nano. For those interested in keeping a tool for adjusting an optic on their rifle, this could be the answer.


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