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New Products from ECHO NiNER

ECHO NiNER (E9) is about to drop some great looking new gear! I am currently using their Camera Strap (review coming soon) and I am thrilled with it so I was pretty excited when they sent me the details of their upcoming products.

E9 made a name for themselves with their Camera Strap. They are following the success of that strap with a new one – the E9 Light Speed Camera Strap. The new strap will be similar to the original Camera strap but will be simpler. It will be constructed from mil-spec tubular webbing with ITW hardware and para-cord attachment loops. The Light Speed Camera Strap will be longer and have more adjustment than the original at 27″ to 52″. It will be available in black and coyote brown.

If you have ever wished for a way to carry small items like a remote or spare memory cards on your camera, then the E9 Mini Flat Pouch might be just what you are looking for. The E9 Mini Flat Pouch is a small (3” x 2.5” folded), low-profile, and versatile pouch that can be attached to a belt, a camera strap, or para-cord. It can carry small items and serve as a ID/Velcro Patch holder. It will be available in black and coyote brown.

I saved my favorite for last. The upcoming E9 Head Lamp Pouch is one of the most innovative pouches that I’ve seen in a while. It turns a Surefire Minimus or Icon headlamp into a MOLLE mountable task light with its own storage. This pouch also works with the GoPro camera and allows the user to film without opening the pouch. E9 makes use of a fairly new material, Hypalon, to construct the body of the Head Lamp Pouch. Hypalon is light weight, very durable, and has a sort of rubbery texture that should offer some protection to the contents of the pouch. The pouch is compact enough (3.5” x 3.5” x 1.5”) to be mounted high center on a plate carrier and will be available in black or Multicam.

E9 is also working on a Deluxe version of their camera strap which may be released at a later date. All of these products are made in the USA and will be available soon at ENiNER.com. I have all three of the above products inbound for review.

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