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The DE-CAP-ATURTLE is a lightweight (.8 oz), compact, and somewhat discreet self-defense tool that looks a little bit like a, you guessed it, turtle. I have been able to spend a few weeks now with one as part of my EDC gear and I am pretty impressed with it.

Chris Watkins of GUNN-FIGHTER.com is the designer and manufacturer of the DE-CAP-ATURTLE. Each DE-CAP-ATURTLE is water-jet cut from aluminum and then hand finished. The hand finishing includes grinding the BESH Wedge-like edge of the cutting/punching point and removing sharp edges where the┬áDE-CAP-ATURTLE touches the user’s hand. The aluminum is given a raw satin finish on the flats.


The DE-CAP-ATURTLE open bottles well. That is, after all, its primary use. However, it can also be used as a last ditch self-defense tool. It can be gripped a number of ways to facilitate this. It works well wrapped around the index or middle finger if you want to use it like a knuck/duster. Alternately, it can be gripped with the loop around the index finger with the thumb supporting the point. With this grip, the DE-CAP-ATURTLE can be used to rake and slash. The edge is not so sharp that it will cut up your pockets but it can be fairly effective when slashing.

The DE-CAP-ATURTLE isn’t perfect. The fit and finish is a bit rough in spots but it also costs considerably less than most similar tools. If you find a sharp edge or rough spot, the raw aluminum is easy to reshape with sandpaper.

This is the kind of tool that you constantly find new uses for. I have used it to turn the adjustments drums on a Aimpoint, open bottles, pry staples out of target uprights, and more. It even has a little 1/2″ box wrench that pulls double duty as a lanyard hole.

This is a handy little bugger. Check out DE-CAP-ATURTLE at GUNN-FIGHTER.com.

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