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Cooper Expedition Gear Steadfast EDC Pack

You may remember the very slick Cooper Tactical EDC Pack that was available a couple of years ago. It was sort of like a knife sheath combined with an organizer with a ton of modular features. Cooper Tactical dropped off my radar for a time but they have recently reemerged as Cooper Expedition Gear and they are once again offering an EDC Pack.

Cooper Expedition Gear Steadfast EDC

The new Steadfast EDC Pack offers many of the same features as the earlier pack. It has a ton of modular organization features thanks to heavy use of loop material lining, pockets galore, PALS compatibility, and the ability to serve as a drop-in organizer, stand-alone pack, or even a PALS compatible admin type pouch.

Check out Cooper Expedition Gear.

Cooper Expedition Gear Steadfast EDC Open

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