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Rehv Arms Scorpion ZAP

The Rehv Arms Scorpion ZAP is an adapter that allows users to install the Yugo compatible version of the Magpul Zhukov Folding Stock to their CZ Scorpion. The adapter was designed in collaboration with Cloudbreak Design. The Zhukov Stock actually looks very seamless on the Scorpion and the folding functionality is in fitting with the compact design of the firearm.

Rehv Arms does not currently have a functional website. You can visit their Facebook page to purchase an adapter ($59.95 shipped).

Rehv Arms also sells on Gunbroker.

EDIT: The Rehv Arms website is now up and running. The ZAP is available direct.

rehv arms zap 1 rehv arms zap 2 rehv arms zap 3

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