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Chattanooga Leather Works Tomahawk Scabbards

You know RMJ Tactical for their line of tomahawks and knives but did you know they also have a leather working sister company called Chattanooga Leather Works (CLW)? CLW offers an entire line of leather goods running the gamut from hand made leather bags to knife sheaths for RMJ Tactical and other knives. Now they are making the next logical step into tomahawk scabbards.

Photo credit: Rob Orlando

The kydex tomahawk scabbards that RMJ Tactical includes with their tomahawks are excellent unlike most tomahawks on the market. The design allows for the use of a number of modular attachment systems so you can actually carry your tomahawk. When something works that well, you don’t change it… much.

The leather tomahawk scabbards from Chattanooga Leather Works retain the same features and shape of the original kydex scabbards but with the obvious difference of being made from leather. They look great and, most importantly, they can still be used with RMJ Tactical’s MOC straps so they retain all the functionality of the kydex sheath.

As you can see from the images in this post, these are already in progress for many of RMJ Tactical’s most popular tomahawk models.



Photo credit: Rob Orlando

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