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Cavalry Manufacturing Black Friday Furniture Sale

If you have some builds that you need to finish out with new polymer furniture, don’t miss Cavalry Manufacturing’s Black Friday Furniture Sale. All their polymer furniture is on sale – both standard colors and special colors.

  • Use Code AR15BFS at checkout for 40% off standard colors
  • Use Code SCAR15BFSS at checkout for 25% off special colors

Lightweight AR builders take note: This includes their lightweight CAR style stocks!


Cavalry Manufacturing MK17S SCAR-H Billet Lower

Cav Arms FN SCAR 17 PMAG Lower

I have been trying to keep you up to date on the new MK17S SCAR-H Billet Lower from Cavalry Manufacturing as it moved through the development phase. Well, I am happy to report that it is now available. This billet lower receiver will accept all SR-25 pattern mags including PMAGs so that your SCAR-H can have magazine commonality with other rifles in your inventory or you can just take advantage of the better pricing, availability, and durability of the SR-25 pattern mags.

You can order direct from Cavalry Manufacturing and since the lower receiver is not the serialized part of the SCAR-H, it can be ordered without an FFL.

Cavalry Manufacturing SCAR MK17S PMAG Lower

It looks like SCAR MK17S shooters are going to have some options when it comes to using PMAGs with their MK17S. Many of your are likely already familiar with the billet aluminum Handl Defense lower that allows the SCAR MK17S accept PMAGs but there is now a another manufacturer throwing their hat into the ring – Cavalry Manufacturing.

You might see the Cavalry Manufacturing name and think polymer but this lower will be made from aluminum. Unlike an AR-15 the lower receiver on the SCAR is not the serialized receiver so it can be purchased without having to go through an FFL. This is also why Cavalry Manufacturing, who no longer holds an FFL, can manufacture these receivers.

Look for more details on the Cavalry Manufacturing SCAR MK17S PMAG lower soon. Hat tip to SinistralRifleman.com for the information and video.

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