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Black Wood USA Releases Wood PDW Stock

SEATTLE – June 12, 2018 – Black Wood USA, a company pioneering wood components for the AR-15 platform, announced today the release of a PDW stock for AR-15s that features a solid walnut butt plate. The stocks are the latest addition to Black Wood USA’s lineup of wood components for AR-15-style firearms, which also includes rail panels, trigger guards and grips.

“From the early days of our company, we knew we wanted to make a collapsible wooden stock,” commented co-founder and CEO William Mengon. “Traditionally, the only wood stocks available for AR’s are A2-style fixed stocks. Our vision was to make a stock that combined the legacy and texture of wood with modern functionality.”

To achieve the modern functionality, the company selected Strike Industries’ Viper PDW mechanism to be the stock’s foundation. The company was attracted to the Viper hardware because it doesn’t require any additional proprietary systems to function. “We wanted the stock to work with as many different rifle setups as possible,” added Mengon, “Strike’s PDW had the widest range of compatibility of all the PDW mechanism options we explored.” Despite the addition of a solid piece of the walnut, the stock weighs in at 22 oz, only a couple ounces more than Strike’s standard offering.

Like all of Black Wood USA’s components, each stock is finished and assembled by hand. The stocks are available now on the company’s website for $400.00.

For more information visit: https://www.blackwoodusa.com/products/adjustable-wood-ar-15-stock-english-walnut

About Black Wood USA:

BlackWoodUSA.com is owned and operated by U.S. Army Veterans who wanted to share their wood AR-15 components with the world. Each piece of their wood furniture is hand-finished to highlight the natural grain of the wood and all their products are 100% made in the U.S.A.

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