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BCP Pistol Brace Adapter for SB15 Brace

Black Creek Precision (BCP) has an interesting new take on SB15 Stabilizing Brace compatible AR pistol receiver extensions. Their new BCP Pistol Brace Adapter for SB15 Brace features a large spacer that creates a smooth transition from the brace to the rear of the receiver and has integral QD sling swivel sockets on both sides. At the rear of the spacer, there is an end plate and castle nut. This allows the SB15 to be placed against the end plate as intended while still providing sling mounting points at the rear of the receiver and preventing the inadvertent rotation that is common on many pistol extensions to varying degrees.


The adapter is machined from billet aluminum and hard anodized. It utilizes a standard carbine buffer and spring. Its overall length is 9″ and it adds 1.75″ of “length of pull” versus a standard carbine length AR pistol receiver extension. The BCP Pistol Brace Adapter is long enough to fill the SB15 completely. The end plate, castle nut, and sling swivel are included with the kit.

This looks like a well thought out solution for AR pistol shooters. Check out the BCP Pistol Brace Adapter for SB15 Brace.


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