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Black Canyon Labs SGS3

The Black Canyon Labs SGS3 is unlike any safety switch for Remington and Benelli shotguns that I have seen. It turns the cross bolt safety into a 90 degree throw lever switch much like an AR-15.

SGS3-5 SGS3-4

If you spend most of your time shooting an AR-15, this could make a lot of sense. The selector on your shotgun would work exactly like you are used to on your AR-15 and it would be in a similar location when used with a pistol grip stock. This could simplify your training. I don’t have a law enforcement background but I suspect this could be attractive to LE trainers and decision makers looking to simplify the transition between different types of firearms for their students.

The SGS3 is designed to work with a pistol grip equipped shotgun. It is available to fit both Remington and Benelli shotguns. Check it out at Rally Point Tactical.

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