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IR Patches from AWS Inc.

AWS Inc. offers a full line of standard and custom IR patches including their new Gen III reversible call sign patch. The Gen III version of these patches is unique in that it is reversible but only requires hook Velcro on one side. Organizations can configure every detail of the patch including the color and text for each side.

They also make flag patches with integrated pouches behind the patch which I suspect many people will find handy for EDC.

Check out all of the patch offerings at AWS.


AWS LAB – New Pouches and Kryptek Highlander Option

AWS recently introduced their Light Assaulter Belt or LAB. The strength of this belt is its price and quality along with the unique way it can be purchased with all of the pouches you need as a turn-key system. I have not put hands on one but a good friend has and he is very pleased with it.

AWS has now announced that the LAB is available in a limited edition Kryptek Highlander colorway and that they have added new pouch options. They have also released a new image of the belt that shows several of the available colors and pouch options.

Check out the LAB at AWS Inc.

aws belt

AWS Light Assaulter Belt (LAB)

AWS, Inc. recently rolled out a new belt system that appears to be very well thought out and can be purchased as a turn-key system. The basic Light Assaulter Belt or LAB set up, consists of a Velcro inner belt and a shooter’s belt with Cobra buckle that mates to the inner belt. You can scale the belt up from there to suit your needs.

aws lab 1 aws lab

AWS offers a variety of MOLLE panels, magazine pouches, dump pouches, and more that can be added to the belt at the point of purchase. This turn-key approach is unique and gives you the ability to have a fully functional belt rig right out of the box.

Be sure to check out their very slick dump pouch for this belt. It actually integrates a low profile medical insert in a very cleaver way.

aws lab dump front aws lab dump back

The belt and accessories are made in the USA and available in Black, Coyote, and Multicam. Check out the AWS Light Assaulter Belt and all it’s options.

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