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Arsenal, Inc. Discontinues California Compliant Rifles

Arsenal, Inc. isn’t the first firearm manufacturer to pull out of the California market and they won’t be the last. They announced today that they will no longer be producing their two CA compliant AK variants – the SAM7SF-84C and SAM7UF-85C.

Arsenal Inc. appreciates the 2nd Amendment supporters and our enthusiasts from California and we remain dedicated to “The Right to Bear Arms” for everyone.

However, given the current laws and regulations in California and with less than 3 months left for the new laws to take effect, we regret to announce that the production of two of our California compliant rifles, the SAM7SF-84C and SAM7UF-85C has come to an end as of October 10th, 2016. All components for making the SAM7UF and SAM7SF into fixed stock California compliant rifles have been manufactured and the last units have rolled out of our production lines.

You can read more at ArsenalInc.com.

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