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Arizona Nunchuck Company

Fact 1: Nunchucks, chain flails, maces, and spiked bats are awesome.

Fact 2: They are even more awesome when they are machined from aluminum, completely modular, customizable, and made in the USA by a company you already know.

Arizona Nunchuck Company is an offshoot of Apex Tactical Specialties that makes all of the above products for fun and profit. The company launched when Arizona decided to decriminalize nunchucks… Someone had to fill the market void!

Their first product was nunchucks and all of their subsequent products have used the modular handles from those nunchucks as a basis. The products are available in a wide array of anodized colors and are made in batches. Currently, they have Nunchucks and Chain Flails available.

Arizona Nunchuck Company currently operates from the Apex Tactical website.

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