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ALG Defense Go-Juice – Now Available

ALG Defense’s new gun lube, Go-Juice, is now shipping.


Gun lube doesn’t really get me very excited because I generally use them all the same way – add lots of it so the gun stays wet, repeat as needed. That approach seems to work for just about any lubrication product I use on my guns, whether that lube is gun-specific or not.

However, I do prefer to use a non-petroleum based product for my own health and a lube that stays put after being applied makes my life easier. ALG’s Go-Juice does both of those things… and its purple.

ALG Defense Expands AK Line

ALG Defense has expanded their line of AK accessories beyond just triggers to include replacement springs. This is great news for AK shooters since high quality replacement springs have not always been easy to find in the US market.

ALG Defense has also been showing their AKT-E, the “enhanced” version of their excellent AK trigger, at SHOT Show 2016. The new AKT-E features shorter reset and less over-travel than the original AKT.


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