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Akr762 AK/AR-15 Stock Adapter

Akr762 is developing an AK/AR-15 stock adapter that should be especially interesting to those of you who are converting AK pistols to registered SBRs or who want to add an arm brace to their AK pistol. The adapter mounts without modification to the rear of the AK pistol and provides an interface for attaching both your AK grip and an AR-15 receiver extension (buffer tube).

akr762 adapter

The unique feature of the Akr762 is that it fully mimics the rear of an AR-15 receiver which allows the use of just about any AR-15 stock including fixed stocks and various sling mount end plates. This opens up a host of rear sling mounting options for AK pistol/SBR shooters.

You can follow the development of the adapter on Akr762’s Facebook Page.

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