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CMC Triggers to Produce AK Trigger

It’s a good time to be alive if you are an AK shooter. CMC Triggers just dropped a bombshell via their social media channels. They will be producing AK triggers. Stay tuned for pricing and availability information.

CMC AK Trigger

DDI AK with Magpul MOE Hand Guard and Khukov Stock

DDI has begun shipping another AKM complete with Magpul furniture. This time the AK comes equipped with the MOE AK Hand Guard and Zhukov stock. This combination of parts provides broader compatibility with other hand guards should you ever want to replace the MOE Hand Guard since, unlike the Zhukov Hand Guard, this requires no modification to the hand guard retainer. The Zhukov stock provides a folding stock for transport.

DDI MOE Zhukov

Like DDI’s other AKM offerings, these feature a KG Gun Coat finish. The bolt, bolt carrier, axis pins, rear sight assembly, spring guide, and barrel are Fenocite treated for corrosion resistance and increased surface hardness. Speaking of the barrel, it is made to DDI’s specs by Green Mountain and plays a large part in the surprising accuracy that has been reported by DDI shooters. I have not shot mine for groups yet but it has exhibited good practical accuracy out of the box. Each rifle ships with a Magpul AK MOE magazine.

So, if you have wanted to pick up a DDI AK with Magpul furniture but were turned off by the Zhukov Hand Guard, this could be the one. You can find them at several online dealers or your local dealer can order one for you.

Rifle Dynamics “Bolt On” Upgrade Package

Rifle Dynamics can turn your AK into a full custom work of art given a bit of time and a fair amount of money. For those who don’t want to spare the time or the coin for them to work their magic, there is the Rifle Dynamics Bolt On Upgrade Package.


Rifle Dynamics has put together a kit that consists of some of their most popular upgrades that don’t require a gunsmith’s touch. The kit includes a Rifle Dynamics AK M4 Stock Adapter, B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD stock, a mil-spec receiver extension (buffer tube), castle nut, end plate, US PALM AK Battle Grip, and an Ultimak M1-B.

The price is very, very competitive for everything that you get. If I was starting from scratch on a new AK, I would be all over this. Check out the Rifle Dynamics “Bolt On” Upgrade Package.

Damage Industries AK-47 Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII

This is something of a golden age for AK-47 shooters. There are so many great accessories on the market that can really improve the functionality of the venerable AK. One of the newest such accessories is the Damage Industries AK-47 Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII.

Damage Industries AK-47 Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII

The AK-47 Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII is a new and improved version of Damage Industries’ previous railed forearms. This new version has top and bottom rails with slick sides and modular rail sections that can be attached in a number of locations including high and forward on the side of the upper hand guard. That can be an ideal location for a weapon mounted light.

It comes with 2 rails sections and mounting hardware. One of the rail sections includes a QD sling swivel socket so you won’t have to purchase a separate sling mount.

The AK-47 Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII is machined from aluminum and hard anodized in the USA. It adds considerable functionality but only 4-6 ounces to the total weight of your AK. Check it out at Damage Industries.

Echo Nine Three SpecMod Stock Set for AKMs

Warning: Go get a napkin or something to wipe your drool. Echo Nine Three has been working for nearly 2 years to create the SpecMod Stock Set – a stock set for AKMs that provides modern features and ergonomics with a purist appearance.

E93 SpecMod Stock Set Stock

The stock features a triangular cheek piece (similar to a SOPMOD stock for an AR-15) that is adjustable for height via shims. It can be adjusted low enough to use with iron sights and high enough for use with optics. It features a rubber recoil pad to take the edge off recoil and an improved toe in angle for increase contact area with the shoulder.

The fore grip is available in two different versions. The regular version features a shortened version of the Romanian “G” vertical grip (AKA the Donkey Dong). The vertical grip is shortened enough to provide plenty of clearance for mag changes but still provide enough grip to work with a modern thumb forward grip. Optionally, you can choose a standard AKM hand guard with no vertical grip.

The pistol grip is very similar to a standard wood AKM grip except it has been enlarged to better fill the hand.

The SpecMod Stock Sets are hewn from birch laminate and then finished with a “Russian Red” finish. These stock sets are manufactured by Ironwood Designs to Echo Nine Three’s spec. They fit AKM pattern rifle (stamped receivers) and may require some fitting.

Now you don’t have to choose between functionality and good looks! Check out the Echo Nine Three SpecMod Stock Sets.

E93 SpecMod Stock Set

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