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AIMPRO Tactical Ghost Ring Rail

The Mossberg OEM ghost ring sights that you will find on their 500, 590, and 590A1 shotguns are pretty solid but they are too large to allow you to mount a rail in front of the rear sight for use with an optic like a red dot sight. AIMPRO Tactical’s Ghost Ring Rail solves that problem.

AIMPRO Tactical Ghost Ring Rail Line Art

The Ghost Ring Rail mounts to the factory drilled and tapped mounting points on the top of the shotgun receiver. It has a 4″ (8 slot) Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rail section that can be used to mount optics and an integral ghost ring sight at the rear of the rail. It works with the standard front sight as a direct replacement for the OEM rear ghost ring sight.

Check out the Ghost Ring Rail at AIMPRO Tactical.

AIMPRO Tactical Ghost Ring Rail

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